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We would love to be able to post all the wonderful cards and letters we get, but to be honest, there are just too many! We have picked a few of our favorites to share with you. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent a little sunshine our way. It means so much!


One thing I do feel completely confident about is the care our pets get from everyone at your facility. I know you give them 100% of your attention, effort and care each time they visit and I truly never worry when I have to leave one of them with you. I am still blessing the day I dialed your number and Erin answered and convinced me that you and your wife were the sort of vets we were looking for. We really are so lucky to have found you. I know you don't have all the answers, because medicine is such an uncertain science, and I know that sometimes the journeys we take together will end in tragedy. What is important to us is that we have caring and knowledgable veterinary care, and doctors who are capable of thinking (and looking beyond) conventional illnesses and cures when the unconventional crops up. With our dogs, I think you can now understand why that's so important to us and why we cherish your hospital so much.
- April

Happy Holidays to you all! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything - but mostly for treating Shahor with so much caring. We wish you the best of luck in the new year. - Shahor, Holly, Jim & Josh

Gary and I want to thank you once again for your kindness during Stumpie's illness, and for helping us to make the decisions that were in her best interest...
- Sherry

Thank you so very much for treating my cat Suzie on such short notice. Not only were you and your staff very kind, compassionate and understanding, you were incredibly generous for allowing Suzie to come in after hours! It was very thoughtful of you to take her in the way you did! I'm pleased to say Suzie's eye was better in less than a day! You and your team are excellent, and I will make sure to refer all of my friends and family to you who have pets with a strong referral! Thank you again for treating my pet Suzie as if she was your own. We are both extremely thankful!
- Hillary

We want to thank you for all that you have done for us in such a short time. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We look forward to many happy years with you. Thank you!
- Shannon, Lucas, Chloe and Soozie

Thank you for being so nice and taking such good care of me. Your Friend, Roscoe

Thank you so much for helping Will. I really appreciate it. Thank you!
- Kelsey, Cathy and John

Thank you so mucy for all of your help with Esta and Brix! My mind is always at ease when I leave them with you. Enjoy your new practice!
- Christina, Scott, Brix & Esta

Just a note to say thank you for all your help and care for Woodsy. We are so happy he found a good home and is doing well. I will forever sing the praises of you and your wonderful staff to anyone who listens! Thanks again!
- Riki, Chris, Erik, Emma and Samey

Thanks so much for all of your help with Ellie. It's great to see her doing so much better and it's a relief to know you are all so invested in what you do. Take care.
- The Eddys

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and compassion that you have shown Roscoe and myself. I am so grateful that Roscoe had truly the best care in the past several months than he could ever have had in a lifetime from you, Dr. Dave. In all my years as a pet owner, I have never witnessed such true live for animals as exhibited by all of you. These are a few of the reasons why pet owners like myself want to keep coming back. You will always be held with deep love and respect in my heart.
- Lori & Family

Thank you for the wonderful care that you all gave Henry and Ella. They have recovered splendidly and are raising havoc daily in our household! We just love them!
- Wendell, Pam, Elliot and Catherine

You professionalism and caring helped us through this difficult time. Losing Sasha hurt our family so much, but through it all your kindness helped us very much. Thank you from our hearts.
- The Gamble Family

Thank you for taking such good care of me! I am feeling great! My owners loved your office!
- Snuggles

Thank you so much for the care, kindness and hospitality you gave to Poppo. He is doing so much better now.
- Roger & Marcia

Thank you so much for the thoughtful sympathy card and poem - it meant so much to us! We miss Oreo so very much. Thank you for being so kind and patient with us during Oreo's failing health. We look forward to seeing you soon for happy check-ups!
- Jes & Gene

We hope you enjoy these human biscuits AKA maple sugar cookies. It is our way of saying thank you for taking such good care of all of us. Enjoy and thank you!
- Hona, Ardy & Len

Thank you for all your kindness and support. You're a great group! Brandi loves going to see you. I couldn't have found a better practice to take care of my dog. I will highly recommend you to others. Chris and I can't thank you enough.
- Heather

We can't thank you all enough for caring for us! Love and Licks, Josey and Lacey

Thank you so much for your love and support! Your hearts are so big and we'll forever be grateful to you all!
- The Carmichael Family

Thank you all so much for everything that you did for Bailey. I knew the first day that brought her to you that you guys cared about her and would take great care of her. I will never forget how excited she used to get when we would get close to your office and I would say "Do you want to go see Dr. Harriton?" (and upon occasion she got so excited that her lip would get caught and she would do Elvis.) This has been the hardest few days for me but I know it will get better and I just wanted to say thank you.
- Amanda

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Roxie. You were willing to go the extra mile to allow her to be outside up to the end. I'm sure it was inconvenient to cater to her, but it meant so much to us. She was a wonderful friend who will be greatly missed. - The family of Roxie
- Stephen, Merril, Lesa & Chris

Blitzy and I would like to thank you and all of your staff for the wonderful care you gave to her. You saved her life that Friday and I'll never forget all of you.
- Blitzen & Marilyn

I wanted to thank you so much for your expert and loving care of Duke. Our experiences at your office are always pleasant and Duke is never stressed or upset before or after his visits. I'm sure he enjoys them! It is obvious that everyone there really cares about each animal and you all go the extra distance to provide the best possible service to your clients and their furry kids. Thank you very much for everything you do.
- Kara

We want to thank you for your genuine care and concern while taking care of Kaela. She was such a wonderful dog - not to mention our first child! We will miss her greatly. We can only hope she is running free on the beach with Darby - our first Wheaten. Thank you again for making a difficult situation more bearable.
- Whitney & Kirk

Thank you for my ovariohysterectomy and the great care I received from you and your staff. My belly is healing great and I'm back to my old self. My mom was hoping I wouldn't be running around so soon so she could have a break from me knocking things over in the house. Caesar is kind to me and Sammie is getting used to me. Thank you again.
- Mika

Thank you for taking care of Louis for us. He was a very special friend to us in this home and we miss him so much. You and your staff were so kind. As I walked out of your office that day, I know in my heart that he was in good and loving hands and that made a world of difference for us all.
- Linda, Rick & Jeremy

Fred and I want to thank all of you for being so kind to Cody and the wonderful care that you gave him. Dr. Harriton, he was the joy of our lives - we will miss him terribly, but we know he is better off. Also, all the support you gave us means so much too. Thanks again for everything.
- Jean & Fred

To The Best Doctor & Nurses in Town (Erin too!): Thanks for taking such good care of me!
- Love, Chico

Thank you so much for your thoughtful card. You have all been so very wonderful to us during our sad week. It was reassuring to know you cared so much for our kitty, too. Philly was an incredible cat. She is very loved and will always be missed.
- Dawn, Bill, Hannah & Billy

Thank you very much for helping my ears feel better. I am so happy that my ears aren't itchy and sore. I am not even shaking my head all the time anymore! Thank you again. My mommy is so glad that I am happy again!
- Love, Daphney aka. Ding-Ding

Thank you for the compassion you expressed and the assistance you gave in making final arrangements for Magic. She truly was a special part of our family for thirteen almost years and the caring shown by the staff at The Animal Hospital of Barrington helped th make this difficult time a little easier.
- The Jackson Family